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We are Eventbox a Luxury Event Company in Prague. We provide tailor-made and unique event planning, always with the highest quality standards in mind, driving you from the highlights to the less renowned venues.  We are aware that an event is a moment of our lifetime that everyone wishes to cherish forever. We can decode which of the luxury experience is just right for you.

 Event in PRAGUE? Why not !



Planning a perfect event takes more than knowledge and experience. It takes time. That’s what we offer you. We take the time to design an event for you that ticks every box. No doubt, we are Eventbox.....  

Thanks to our network of contacts and 20 years of experience, we are able to provide you real exceptional experiences in a way that suits your needs. Our purpose is to create something completely unique for you - this is your event, no one else’s. 


We are convinced that the better we know you, with higher quality we would manage to meet your expectations. Luxury service begins the moment you enquire, continues throughout the design and booking process. We worry about the little things before you even think of them. Because that’s true luxury service.

Why Prague ?
W H Y   P R A G U E  ?

Magical, accessible, cultural, unusual, innovative, modern, surprising, secret, stylish; Prague is a city to fall in love with. City of a Hundred Spires, an UNESCO monument and one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. Prague offers a compact city center, a fascinating centuries-long history, splendid examples of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau architecture, scores of palaces, churches, parks and squares, delicious local Czech beer and food, but where it wins hands down over all other European luxury destinations is in its affordability.



In past years, Prague managed to become one of the most popular venues for meetings, incentives, conferences, events. Prague’s popularity is growing – thanks to its excellent location in the heart of Central Europe, great value for money, friendly service, luxurious accommodation and international airport that operates direct flights from many key countries and large cities.  Many companies and event organizers draw their attention to this charming city and its meeting facilities and we do see growing tendency to book original, luxurious or exclusive venues with “wow” factor, such as deconsecrated churches, museums, theatres, renaissance halls, castles and chateaux or modern design buildings..

L U X U R Y   A N D   B O U T I Q U E   H O T E L S

Exclusive hotels are located in the picturesque city centre. Hotels differ mainly in their style, with some offering modern design and others historical architecture, while some of the hotels are steeped in a peaceful atmosphere. We’ve personally visited and anonymously reviewed every single one, so you can be assured you’re in safe hands.


L U X U R Y   S H O P P I N G

Luxury boutiques with famous international brands, elegant shops featuring top Czech designers, unique antiques shops with a magical atmosphere, shops selling paintings, traditional Bohemian crystal glass - porcelain and jewellery - all this makes Prague an ideal place for your shopping fever. These days the most fashionable address in Prague is the aptly-named Pařížská or Paris Street. Located in Old Town near the Jewish Quarter,  with its beatiful, historical buildings, Paris Street is home to the top designer shops in the world.  That is a must-do for both buyers and window shoppers alike.



Prague is now becoming one of the top European destinations for its cuisine and dining experiences. You can find some of the most forward thinking restaurants in a melting pot of innovation and tradition. Prague offers a wide variety of restaurants whose food can be considered a true gourmet experience. Most of them are located in the heart of historical centre and offers breathtaking views. You can enjoy Michelin awarded  restaurants, dinner in Art Deco style and feel the unforgettable atmosphere in intimate restaurants. Czech cuisine is very original and Czech dishes wonderful, just go to the first pub and order "Svíčková" ... no more words need to be spoken. 


W O R L D   F A M O U S   B E E R

Prague might just have the best pubs anywhere. The beer is so artisanal and so precisely curated in even the most ordinary pubs that you practically cannot stop drinking it.  Famous for being the birthplace of pilsner, Czech republic consumes more beer per capita than anywhere else in the world. Czechs have been drinking beer for more than a millennium. The secret behind the beer brewing perfection is the country's agricultural conditions, which are ideal for growing hops. Chronicles place their cultivation in Bohemia as early as 859 A.D., while the first evidence of their export dates back to 903. This is "cool"!



Concerts of various genres, beautiful majestic theatres, opera, cinemas with long tradition, museums, galleries, music and theatre festivals, open air events during all summer..... the culture in Prague is so classy that even Mozart couldn’t resist his amazement upon his visit and made the famous remark: “My Praguers understand me.”




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